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Golfing in Modesto

Conditions ideal for golfing goes from March through October in Modesto, CA.  There are three golf courses in Modesto, CA.


18 holes

Par 72

701 Lincoln Ave.  Modesto, CA  95354

(209) 571-5123

Has three lakes

Appeals to the more experienced golfer.

Fenced driving range

Large practice putting green

Pro shop

Golf carts are also available


Dryden Park Golf Course

18 holes

Par 72

920 South Sunset Ave. Modesto, CA  95351

(209) 577-5354

Wide fairways

Winds along the Tuolumne River.

Ideal for all types of players.

Golf Learning Center with three practice putting greens and a driving range

Lights for night use.

Pro shop


Modest Municipal Golf Course (Muni)

9 holes

Par 35

400 Tuolumne Blvd. Modesto, CA  95351

(209) 577-5360

Muni was the first public golf course in Modesto, CA.

Home of the "first Tee" of Modesto

Pro shop

Driving range nearby and three practice greens that are free to the public

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All three golf courses listed on this map.

Dryden Park
Modesto Muni


A side note:  Golfer's Elbow

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