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Tresetti's Restaurant in Modesto

Fine Dining, Tresetti's style, in downtown Modesto:  Tresetti's World Cafe, a downtown original

Our experiences at Tresetti's Restaurant Modesto:

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We've held previous Surgical Artistry Inc. christmas parties at Tresetti's World Cafe.

Tresetti's Restaurant Modesto Location / Address

927 11 th Street
Modesto, CA 95354

Located close to the Gallo Center for the Arts.

Tresetti's Restaurant Telephone Number: 209-572-2990





Hours of operation for Tresetti's Modesto

Call them for hours.

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trusettis modesto restaurant

Tresetti's World Caffe



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Gallettoes Restaurante, Resterante    

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Bacchus Restaurant, Bar, Dining, Modesto

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  Modesto Galletos, Modesto galletto's restaurant

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Modesto Fine Dining / Bar


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