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Surla's Restaurant

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Address of Surla's

431 12th St
Modesto, CA 95354-2401


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A litle bit of info about Chef John Surla

Previously, he was the executive chef at Gallettos Restaurant in Modesto, CA.  And before that, he was the Sous Chef at the Golden Vine Winery, which was hosted by Robert Mondavi at the Disney’s California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California. 

Other venues include local Bay Area locations in California – Blackhawk Grille (Danville), Servino Ristorante (Tiburon), Tourelle Restaurant (Lafayette), and Skywalker Ranch (Marin County).


Brief Modesto Bee mention regarding Surla's Restaurant:

Galletto ex-chef opening Surla's
Columnist: Marijke Rowland - Biz Beat - The Modesto Bee
The former site of Hazel's Elegant Dining is being reborn as Surla's. The restaurant is the newest endeavor from John Surla, the former executive chef and general manager of Galletto Ristorante. The restaurant will open by mid- to late October, 2009.



Surla's Restaurant Opened Wednesday November 4, 2009 with 160+ guests that night.

Surla's Catered our Surgical Artistry (Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgeon / Dr. Calvin Lee, Veins & Acupuncture) Open House - this event was successful, due partially to John Surla's celebrity appearance.  Special events coordinator Heather did a great job.


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